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Obstacles to Awareness by Ryan Doughty

I wanted to share some of my biggest obstacles to staying connected and aware. These have been alive in my own life, and I thought it would be helpful to share a couple with you guys today

Here are 4 common obstacles that prevent us from feeling more peace, connection and meaning in our lives.

1. Learning without Experiencing - Stop consuming more and more information and

instead embody that information with regular practices where you actually FEEL (rather than think about) more peace, ease, connection and meaning in your life.

2. Feeling Alone- At times it can feel like no one understands what is happening to you and it's often difficult to explain what you're feeling to others without sounding like a hippy/weirdo. Find an online community, join a yoga studio, connect with a group on “Meetup”, download “insight timer” or catch up with a friend for a coffee once a week who is on a similar journey.

3. Needing to Understand. Our minds are desperate to understand everything logically, but in the realm of consciousness, this often causes significant pain. Instead, when we cultivate a little more trust and acceptance, the universe is intelligent and is managing so many things beyond our comprehension. When we lean into this, we often find some real peace and ease in our lives.

4. Resistance. How can we learn to navigate resistance through learning to be we whatever is happening without trying to change it? It seems counter-intuitive but there's magic happening when we accept what is... which often leads to the action needed to make meaningful changes in our lives.

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