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Radical Gratitude by Will Pye

Hi, my name is Will Pye. I am a member of the Flow Consciousness community, and a leader on our retreats, Flow Consciousness Retreats.

In my video, I will be discussing gratitude and the points below.

The following are the points discussed in the video:

What is Gratitude?

Gratitude is the feeling of thankfulness. As a practice, it is appreciating the positive aspects of our experience, taking the time to recognize and feel the good and beautiful in our lives.

What is Radical Gratitude?

Radical Gratitude involves expanding our grateful awareness to all of our experience, including our difficult emotions, physical difficulty, or challenging circumstances. In opening ever more deeply to our pain and trauma we integrate it and in approaching all challenges or difficulties as an opportunity for growth and learning, we experience it thus.

3 Power Questions to transform how we perceive difficult emotions or life circumstances.

The three 'power questions' below are part of the '7 steps to Heaven' as detailed in my book The Gratitude Prescription. Try applying to life's challenges and pains to perceive and thus experience a deeper truth.

1. What is the opportunity?

2. What is the gift?

3. If I had somehow created this to learn a pearl of wisdom what is learning?

Radical gratitude builds on gratitude. We first familiarize ourselves with gratitude as a feeling through the practice of gratitude, and we then apply radical gratitude to everything in life.

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