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The Power of Play by Matt Ind

Hey friends, it's Matt, from Flow Consciousness. Today I want to take this opportunity to discuss purposeless action or as we all know it best, PLAY.

Here are a few points to ponder in Play. As we grow up our relationship with play deteriorates and, in many cases, becomes something we used to do, if we were lucky, when we were kids.

1. In our developmental years, play helps to develop physical fitness, coordination, and spatial awareness. It also helps in the development of our social and emotional skills. Play, in children, teaches humans how to cooperate and be in close vicinity with each other without losing tempers. It helps to develop healthy communication skills.

2. In risky play, individuals learn to take risks and experience fear without losing their heads. A lesson that not only could save our lives in a real emergency but at the same time helps through exposure, to build a healthy response to fear. When we don't have a healthy response to fear, we suffer from anxiety and an overactive flight, fight or freeze response.

3. Play improves our overall well-being, makes us feel good, and improves our performance. We will get into that in detail in another video but for today this is simply a reminder that perhaps nothing could be more important than taking some time off and playing.

4. Play creates opportunities for spontaneity, improvisation, and creativity at the same time creating connections with others and the environment. It takes us out of our heads and into our bodies, we become present, here at this moment NOW.

The key to integrating play into our lives and ultimately becoming a playful person is to PRACTICE. Like anything, when we practice, we get better at it. This is how we integrate play into our lives, we practice play every day, and gradually over time, we become playful.

After all, life is too important to take seriously and if you haven’t played in the last 24 hours, then it’s time.

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