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The Purpose of Suffering

Hi, I am Will Pye. I am a community member here at Flow Consciousness, an author, coach and one of the leaders on our Flow consciousness Retreats.

Today I want to talk about the ‘Purpose of Suffering’ and the distinction between suffering and pain. I will also be sharing tips and practices to alleviate suffering.

Suffering vs Pain

Pain, emotional, or physical is inescapable. We're going to experience pain, both physical and emotional pain. Very often that pain has intelligence. Suffering, on the other hand, whilst pain is inescapable and unavoidable, suffering is ultimately optional, and it can be transcended, and it can end

Suffering in Hinduism and Buddhism

Suffering in Hinduism and Buddhism has got a very specific meaning. Buddhist teaching really is that life is suffering and that there is a way out of suffering and that's in the realization of the selflessness of consciousness essentially.

Suffering in our Experience (Resistance/The Meaning we Make)

Suffering in our experience, in life is optional. It can be transcended, and it can be ended. And that suffering, I would suggest very often, is simply a resistance to an aversion, to pushing away from our experience or pushing away from our experience. That pushing away is suffering. We can also look at the meaning we make of phenomenon of events that can be the cause of suffering rather than events themselves.

Tips and Practices to Loosen Suffering

  • 1. Zazen or another form of sitting meditation.

  • 2. Gratitude Practice

To summarize, suffering as distinct from pain is optional and it can be ended. And it ends in the realization of the selflessness of consciousness and that realization can occur through meditation. And we can start to train the mind to suffer less, to see that the glass is in fact half full, just as it is half empty by practicing gratitude.

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