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Are you seeking more meaning and happiness
or less stress and anxiety?

Next Online Retreat : 5th December  2021







Do you ever feel disconnected or like there is something missing in your life? 


Flow Consciousness is an online retreat exploring practices that support us in living with more joy, energy, connection and contentment.


What will the Retreat involve?


All the things we know you love because they keep you in your Flow, 

consciously aware, present + connected to the self. These include:


  • Breathwork, Breath-holds and Yoga

  • Ice Baths/Cold shower

  • Opportunities for connection

  • Meditation/Mindfulness

  • Meaningful Discussions

  • Opportunities for Reflection


What is the cost involved?


For a day full of incredible activities that will have you feeling alive, connected, recharged and renewed.

For time spent with FOUR passionate Facilitators who are here to hold space for you to explore interesting practices, develop awareness, feel calm, strong and resilient.


The cost is only $50!


The first 20 people who sign up receive a retreat care package valued at over $30. Get in quick!


We can't wait to see you there!

Qualified and Experiences Guides

Ongoing Connection to a Like-Minded Community


"Over my 7.5 decades on this planet I have attended an abundance of workshops, seminars, trainings etc. both in Australia and internationally, and this was up there with the best; if not the best" - Christine OÇonnor

Join us for a life-changing experience.

Explore Universal and Timeless Means and Methods of Experiencing Connection, Community and deep Contentment.

Were we explore practices backed by science that predictably move you into peace, joy, ease and flow

Activate your bodies wisdom through a range of interesting and fun practices.

Quiet The Voice in Your Head

What would happen if the voice in your head got quiet for a while...what might you feel, discover, or create without the distraction of that brutal inner critic?

Train Your Nervous System

It is possible to train the nervous system to reduce stress and anxiety regardless of life's circumstance.


Flow Consciousness Itinerary

What we ask of you...

We are committed to acting with transparency, integrity and vulnerability. We invite you to be willing to join us in this intention.

We request that you be fully invested in your experience, giving your time, energy and genuine intention to come to know yourself more fully. 

Once your registration is complete your retreat experience has begun and we very much look forward to being with you.

We ask that you take whatever steps necessary to ensure your undistracted participation. This may include communications and arrangements with family and work. 


Frequently Asked Questions




Know yourself more deeply, more fully and discover a deep sense of meaning in your life. Feel alive and connected to yourself, others and the world around you.


Your Retreat Leaders

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